Update (22/Jan/2021)

Next event:

DJ White Pimpernell (NSW)
Amanda Terry
Ross Manning

Live at Wreckers Artspace
7 Lotus St, Woolloongabba

Sunday 31st January 2021
Free & AA
Register here for attendance

‘DJ White Pimpernell’ is the solo project of Adam Sussman – an Australian experimental art legend whose output spans decades & different mediums, including but not withstanding: one half of the seminal & peerless Stasis Duo and Sunporc, XWave, MACTempel, RASheed, 2779, Sun of the Seventh Sister, closely linked to/intertwined with Breakdance the Dawn, Real Bad Music, Akemi and so, so many more to list and even more to realise under the veil of obscurity. This is an incredibly rare solo live appearance especially in Brisbane and alongside the inimitable Amanda Terry and Ross Manning, it’s one hell of a bill & not one to missVery limited space & a COVID-Safe event

A Natural Low (https://www.anaturallow.org)
Wreckers Artspace (https://cargocollective.com/wreckersartspace)